Consultation Document

The committee have created a detailed document regarding the designation of green spaces that will explain the full process and reasoning.

Click here for the detailed information.

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Shortlist of 54 Local Green Spaces Proposed for Consultation – October 2022

Please see the interactive maps below (aerial view and detailed map view) showing the 54 sites across the Parish. You can also see a numbered list of our shortlisted proposed green spaces which we will look to seek protection for in the Plan and designate.

You can view the 54 Local Green Space proformas which shows how they have been assessed here.

In order to be designated the green spaces must be :

  • Close to the community it serves
  • Demonstrably special to local community (beauty, historic significance, recreational value, tranquillity, wildlife, or other)
  • Local in character and not extensive tract
If you have any views on the proposals or suggestions to make, please let us know by emailing or by attending our consultation events.

Aerial View

Detailed Base Map